Cheryl Turpin is a Mother, Educator, and a Community Leader who will fight for Virginia Beach in Richmond.

Cheryl’s Issues

Strengthen Education

  • Reduce the time dedicated to mandated testing and add it back into instructional time.
  • Provide full day public kindergarten for every child.
  • Give teachers the resources needed to increase the use of technology in the classroom.

Safe Environment

  • Guarantee that every child lives in a world with clean water and clean air.
  • Create a plan to protect property owners against rising sea levels due to global climate change.
  • Encourage the use of reusable and recyclable goods, which will reduce the amount of land needed to create new landfills.

Human Rights

  • Protect and provide healthcare to all the citizens of the Commonwealth.
  • Demand a minimum wage that allows people to provide for their families.
  • Work in a bipartisan way to overhaul our criminal justice and mental health care systems to keep the Commonwealth safe and secure.


  • Bring smart planning to local transportation so we can grow our economy and reduce traffic congestion at the same time.

Economic Opportunities

  • Increase infrastructure spending to improve our roads and traffic conditions to attract families and businesses to Virginia Beach.
  • Create small business loans to encourage young entrepreneurs to start new businesses.
  • Expand broadband access so that every student, business, and entrepreneur has the tools they need to stay competitive.

I believe in quality education, protecting our environment, human rights for everyone and economic opportunities for the great people in Virginia.

~ Cheryl Turpin